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Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Tail Update ~ Cooper

Cooper is doing great!  He is a very affectionate dog who turned 2 years old a week ago Friday.  He thinks he is a small dog and loves to held on my lap.  He is very smart and loves to play with anyone who is willing.  He receives many compliments on his looks.  We still wonder if he is a "short collie" or a "tall sheltie".  He runs like the wind which is classic of a border collie.  He rides like a baby fawn in the car.  He likes to be groomed and is appreciative of a daily brushing.  He will not let me clip his nails, but is cooperative with the groomers.  This is important because his nails seem to grow faster than normal.  When we take him for grooming they use a special shampoo that helps to cut down on the shedding and makes it look as if his fur is ten times thicker.  Remember what I said about his coat when we first met?  Well, he did not disappoint my expectations. He is beautiful, inside and out!  

People comment on how lucky we are to have such a nice dog.  One of our friends commented that he could not believe that we would be so lucky to always get such nice dogs.  I told him that all dogs are  nice, it just depends upon the people that surround them.  Why else does dog spell God backwards?

Rose and Cooper

Happy Tail ~ Sugar

Sugar is such a joy!  Moose loves her so much that he kenneled up with her last night instead of sleeping with us (she said 'no way!  I'm not sleeping with you people!').  She and Moose are such different body types - he looks like Jabba the Hut (he's got TONS of hair) and she is sooo thin and tall!!  She has already calmed him down quite a bit already - she doesn't like him barking at Boosey and let him know it!  Its awesome!!

She's so proud of her new jingles (name tag, city license, rabies) that she just prances around saying 'look at me!!  I gots bling!!'

She just absolutely loves everyone, but her favorite person is Dana... she cries when she cant find him. :)  She's got an appointment with our vet on Saturday - I definitely think there's something wonky going on with her back legs... but I cant decide if its her hips or her knees.  If there is something up - we've got one of the best orthopedic surgeons in town at our vet clinic - he did both of Moose's knees when we figured out he had a problem and Moose hasn't had a problem since! 

Here's 3 pictures of her - she, Shae, and the other pups are extremely photogenic where I am not but she was sitting on me so we'll have to go with it!

Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of giving her a home - we love her so much!

Here's some observations of Sugar:

1. She's such a funny girl - she acts just like a cat!!

2. Hates to go outside when the grass is wet worse than our male boston but loves to lay in the sun on the deck like a beached whale.

3. She likes having a bath but she does exactly the same thing our other papillon does when he is wet - flings herself up on the couches and rubs herself all along the length - does the same thing when she has her harness on!!

4. She's learned to ring the bell on the back door to go outside - yay!!

5. She's not overly fond of being brushed but tolerates it very well.

6. Sleeps in the crook of my right arm every night - right after she smothers me good and proper!

7. She and Java (male boston) love to go out into the kitchen and fling the food bowls around as loud as they can when its time to eat!

8. She cries at the bottom of the stairs when I go up and then barks happy yowls 5 minutes later when I come back down :)

9. She and Boo (female boston) are the protectors of the house - the boys would let any average joe in but the girls are extremely protective! Once they get to know new people, they love them!

10. She is the biggest love ever and is our joy!! We love her so much!! We thank God for her - she is a blessing!!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Tail ~ Freckles a.k.a. Abby ~

I hardly know where to start, there has been such an abundance of joy in this household since Friday.  Abby has had quite a busy time so far.  We all went shopping at PetSmart Friday afternoon and came home with a new crate, a harness, food, a toothbrush/toothpaste set, toys, etc., etc.  Abby marched right into the store like she owned the place and was a magnet for every kid, dog and employee in the store.  She loves meeting everyone.  She rides in the car so well which is great because we like taking our dog along everywhere we go, if possible.  Friday night she slept in the crate without so much as a peep and slept through the night until 6 a.m.   Same thing the next night.  Saturday morning we took her for a meet & greet with our vet.  He looked her over, said she was perfect and then he sat on the floor and gave her some treats while we finished up the conversation.  He really, really liked her.  She is scheduled for spaying this coming Friday.  He thought she'd top out at 27-28 lbs.  She already has all her adult teeth and he didn't think she'd grow any larger, just fill out a little more.
Today we took Abby to the state park near our house and she walked so well on a leash.  She is agreeable to absolutely anything.  She has already cleared the yard of squirrels.  She seems to have made that her #1 priority.
When you and Abby got out of the car on Friday, she stole our hearts before she was even through the front door.  It was instant love.  We feel so lucky to have her and know that we can give her a good home and a wonderful life.  There is nothing that makes a person feel younger than getting a new puppy.  There is joy in our household again. 
Anne & John

Happy Tail ~ Marissa a.k.a. Charley ~

We absolutely love Marissa (now known as Charley). She is such a little doll, so sweet and the perfect addition to our family!! We LOVE her and can’t thank you enough!! I assure you she is happy, healthy and at her forever home! :) Here is a picture of her and Sadie.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Kathy Frerk & Kendra

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Tail ~ Sir Arthur Kane ~

Just wanted you all to meet Sir Arthur Kane. He was lost in the blizzard this winter and took residence at People for Pets in Spencer. He was looking for job and I had one for him. His duties include walking and exercising me everyday, and snuggling me on the couch, which comes very natural to him. At some point he will learn to be Bart's seeing eye dog. I think this will be a permanent job for him, I hope he likes it. So whenever you all want to drop by to say hello to Sir Art, he will be glad to greet you.
The Faulstich's

~ Louie ~

We love hearing stories about Louie. This little bit of information about how spoiled this boy is gave us all a good chuckle! :)

This is the chair my wife would never let the boys or me sit in, it's white.
She has never once scolded Louie.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Tail ~ Maverick "Mav"

Mav is doing great! We head to the cabin almost every weekend – and from the second we open the door of the car, he’s already in the lake taking a swim, and of course that means that we have to spend the first hour throwing the ball in the water for him before we can unpack. There are other dogs at the cabin and the best part is that when dogs bark at him, he looks at them and walks away, it doesn’t even faze him. People say he’s so well trained and very well mannered. When people first meet him, they think he’s going to jump all over them and when he doesn’t they are so surprised at his behavior. People compliment us on Mav all of the time – but we owe the credit to you!

He and Samoa are doing well together and act like brother sister. Last week when we got home from work, we discovered that the sliding pantry door was “mysteriously” open and the box of doggy treats was “broken into” – we have no clue who would have done such a thing – so we told Mav he needs to be a better guard dog, so it doesn’t happen again :) …..he smiled and agreed.

He loves when we leave for work because that means that he gets the big comfy couch to himself all day…we know this because I went home on my lunch break one day and I found him stretched out on the couch with his teddy bear and his ball by his side.

He has been nothing but loveable and playful and enjoys getting a lot of attention. He’s a perfect addition and fits right in – we couldn’t ask for a better dog!

Tell everyone Maverick says ‘Hi’ and misses you all – but admits that his new home is a perfect fit for him.